HZ Emergency Launch Vehicle

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Through the console or remote control system, you can quickly and continuously sand and stone material quantitative and accurate delivery of dangerous chemicals, fire location. The arm can completely cover the horizontal 220 ° fan-shaped throwing range, the vertical direction from 30 ° to below 0 ° Angle, the longest distance of the projection over 30 meters. 

The utility model can be widely used for the following emergency rescue: 

(1) rapid and continuous filling of sand and gravel and earthwork in emergency rescue.

(2) rapid extinguishing of burning hazardous materials (safer for long-distance delivery) .

(3) rapid extinguishing of forest fires (soil is good, water is not limited). 

(4) rapid and large-scale burial of biological corpses in disaster areas. 

(5) rapid and continuous coverage of radioactive wastes and other toxic and hazardous substances following a nuclear accident.

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