Steam Cushion Carrier

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 It is a comprehensive full-lift air cushion transport ship integrating passenger transportation, freight transportation and engineering construction, in the complex terrain of marshes, shoals, rivers and lakes and other ordinary ships difficult to enter or reach the region to implement rapid rescue and engineering operations. In addition to special occasions as a means of delivery, but also as tourism, well drilling, piling, drilling and other construction platforms. 

Main parameters: 

Land Speed 5-20 km/h, hydrostatic speed: 12 km/h as a transport platform, 50 KM/H under no more than the second wind. Anti-wind, wave and current ability: 5 Grade Wind, 1 m wave height in the water can safely navigate, 3 m/s velocity in the water, 6 m depth in the water can safely work, the land can surmount 0.5 m obstacle. Range: 4-6 hours. Lifting capacity: The maximum lifting capacity is 4.5 t, carrying capacity is 10 t and carrying capacity is 50 persons when the crane arm is 8 m long and in drainage condition.

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