HZFQ60 Emergency Split Type Pontoon Bridge

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Product performance: 

used in emergency or abnormal state, the rapid erection of channels to support heavy equipment and vehicles to quickly overcome the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and other large and medium-sized rivers and high flow speed obstacles of new equipment crossing the river, the utility model can be combined into a belt type Pontoon Bridge, a split Type Pontoon Bridge and a ferry barge of different specifications. Is the third generation of domestic heavy-duty Pontoon Bridge, the international performance of the most advanced pontoon bridge equipment, has won the national science and Technology Progress First prize.

 Main parameters:

adapt maximum flow velocity 3.5 m/s; maximum traffic load 60 T, single axle wheel pressure 20 t; width of vehicle running part 4.5 m; time of 100 M Pontoon Bridge Erection 40 minutes.

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