HZCB100 Fabricated Highway Steel Bridge

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Fabricated Highway Steel Bridge, also known as Bailey Bridge, can be used to build temporary or semi-permanent bridge, widely used in all kinds of construction trestle, suspension bridge, suspension bridge, construction platform, construction of cast-in-place formwork support, large-tonnage Gantry Crane, bridge-erecting machine. Using Modular design, components have good interchangeability, reusable, simple structure, fast erection, convenient transportation

Main parameters:

Design Span

The maximum span of a single span is 60.96 meters (200 feet) and the length of the bridge can be varied by 3.048 meters

Design load

Class-10, class-15, class-20, class-50, pedrail-80, HS-15, HS-20, HS-25

Truss Height


Bridge Deck

Wooden or steel deck, Standard Single Lane 3.15 m, extra wide single lane 4.2 m

Maximum weight of individual component

Single Lane: maximum weight not more than 400kg


Can Be configured as needed

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