HZZB200 fabricated highway steel bridge

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HZZB200 Assembled Highway Steel Bridge is used to quickly build temporary bridge, support heavy equipment and vehicles to quickly overcome rivers, The Broken Bridge, valleys and other obstacles; In the rescue and Relief and national economic construction, it can be used not only to build temporary bridges, but also to construct construction pylon, supporting frame and other kinds of assembled steel structures.

Main parameters:

 Design Span

The maximum span of a single span is 60.96 m (200 ft) . The length of the bridge may vary by 3.048 M

Design load

 Highway Class II, car-10, car-15, car-20, cru-50, hanging-80

Truss Height


Bridge Deck

Steel deck, Super Wide Single Lane 4.2 m, double lane 7.35 M

Maximum weight of individual component

Single Lane: maximum weight not more than 420kg

Two Lanes: maximum weight not more than 1000kg


Can Be configured as needed

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