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Chairman Wang Made Keynote Speech in the Hubei Provincial Emergency Industry Technological Reform Experience Exchange Meeting

On December 2, the Hubei Provincial Emergency Industry Technological Reform Experience Exchange & Industrial Economic Operation Meeting was held in Suizhou, Hubei. Wang Xiaofeng, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the Company, participated in the meeting and made a keynote speech entitled Digitally Empowered Transformation of the Emergency Industry, sharing the Company’s achievements and experiences in the construction of “digital transformation” stage as a national leading enterprise of emergency transportation equipment. He also emphasized that the Company actively sought policy support to start the step-by-step construction of the project based on the top-level design and overall planning. According to Wang’s speech, The Company has comprehensively improved its emergency equipment design, manufacturing, service and management level through the creation of digital R&D, design and simulation, intelligent production lines and manufacturing execution units and digital testing technology applications, has achieved significant results in the “cost reduction”, “efficiency enhancement”, “quality improvement” and other aspects, and has promoted the transformation of the Company from the traditional manufacturing mode to advanced manufacturing mode.

In the future, China Harzone will continue to increase investment, improve the design process, upgrade the equipment production line, enhance the lean management and control, and develop unmanned, intelligent, informationized, modular, lightweight, highly mobile emergency equipment, to promote the transformation from product and equipment supplier to emergency services integrator.


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