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China Harzone Participated in “Emergency Mission-2023”

Wuhan  Hubei

China Harzone Participated in “Emergency Mission-2023”

In the afternoon of May 19, 2023 Wuhan “Emergency Mission” Flood Control, Rescue and Relief Comprehensive Exercise was formally launched. The exercise was hosted by Wuhan Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, and undertaken by China Aneng Group Wuhan Branch. As an invited unit, China Harzone participated in the exercise with 75m emergency modular bridge and steel floating pontoon combination platform for water operation.

Wuhan suffered a rare sustained heavy rainfall, from 08:00 on the 17th to 08:00 on the 18th, the 24-hour rainfall reached 250mm, the water levels of the Yangtze River, Hanjiang River and other rivers rose, the water level of Hankou section of the Yangtze River reached 28.38m, and more than 10 key lakes including Donghu Lake, South Lake, East and West Lake, Huangjia Lake and Tangxun Lake were in excess of the flood water limit. Under such background, China Harzone rushed to rescue.

In the exercise of road access, China Harzone quickly set up a rescue pass with its modular bridge on the lake to protect the personnel and equipment through. In the rehearsal of the dike reinforcement, the water operation steel pontoon combination platform was quickly delivered to the breach, which used the piling system to quickly implant steel sheet piles to intercept the flood and complete the sealing of the breach.



Lijiang Yunnan

China Harzone Participated in “Emergency Mission-2023”

Recently, the State Council Earthquake Relief Command Office, the Ministry of Emergency Management and the People's Government of Yunnan Province jointly held the “Emergency Mission-2023” High mountain & Canyon Area Earthquake Disaster Air-Ground Integrated Rescue Exercises in Lijiang, Yunnan Province and other places. China Harzone dispatched an all-round team of seven people to carry out road paving tasks on May 2.

The environment on the site was really bad: the road was interrupted, and the houses and pavement collapsed seriously. In the face of the sudden “earthquake”, with the belief that it is not allowed to fail, the all-round team quickly allocated their work, brought into fully play their professional technical skills and a stable mentality, and quickly paved the hard pavement bridge and the 51-meter bridge, making a good start for the exercise.

China Harzone’s flood rescue equipment got the actual test in the exercise, which not only was unanimously praised by the leaders present, but also promoted the market development of its products. 

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