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China Harzone Won Brand Award

On October 26, 2022 China Fire Industry Conference (CFIC2022) & the 15th Fire Industry Brand Event, which was guided by China Fire Protection Association and hosted by and, was held in Guangzhou. At the conference, China Harzone won the award of “Top Ten Brands of Firefighting Rescue Equipment”.

Over the years, with the rapid growth of national economy, the fire fighting industry has flourished, the scale of the industry has expanded rapidly, and the number of domestic enterprises engaged in the production of firefighting products and in fire fighting projects has increased day by day. China Harzone follows the trend, actively conducts due diligence on the demand in the firefighting market, and explores how to make innovation in the firefighting industry. With a complete product line and professional technical support, China Harzone has developed and manufactured new firefighting equipment, contributing to a safer social environment.  

China Harzone Won Brand Award

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