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Showing Responsibility in Times of Danger

At 17:00 on June 1, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in Lushan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province.

On June 3, after learning that the buildings in the earthquake area were severely damaged and many roads were destroyed, which seriously threatened the lives and properties of local people, China Harzone immediately started the after-sales service plan and coordinated two comrades, Zhou Jianjun and Xiong Dongqi, who were performing training tasks in Tianquan County, Ya'an City, to organize their equipment and go to the disaster area together with China Aneng Group to carry out earthquake relief work.

At 5:30 a.m. on June 4, our personnel arrived at the epicenter of the earthquake and immediately went into the disaster relief operation, regardless of the exhaustion of running all the way. On the way, a main road was severely damaged by landslides caused by the earthquake, and there were debris rolling down from both sides of the mountain from time to time, which had a tendency to form a weir.

According to the demand of the site, comrade Zhou Jianjun, without fear of danger and difficulties, hung up the safety rope, went down to the most rapid water flow, and checked whether the foundation on both sides of the bank met the erection conditions. After the site survey, comrade Zhou Jianjun, together with the experts from China Aneng Group Third Engineering Bureau, formulated the erection plan.

After the joint efforts of all parties, the foundation on the two banks finally met the erection conditions, and then rescue workers immediately mechanized bridge erection and successful opening, laying a solid foundation for the smooth conduct of subsequent rescue operations.

Showing Responsibility in Times of Danger

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