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China Harzone Invited to Participate in Exercise

On the morning of May 11, the Earthquake Disaster Relief Headquarters under the State Council, the Ministry of Emergency Management and the Gansu Provincial People’s Government jointly organized a combat exercise code-named “Emergency Mission•2022” for earthquake relief in highland and alpine areas.

The exercise simulated a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Zhangye City, Gansu Province, with the epicenter located at Xinduan Village, Xinduan Town, Ganzhou District, and the epicenter at a depth of about 10 kilometers, with strong earthquakes felt in Jiayuguan, Jinchang, Jiuquan and Wuwei in Gansu Province. A large number of houses collapsed, resulting in a number of casualties; roads, electricity, water supply, gas and communication were interrupted; landslides and collapses occurred in the mountainous areas; leaks and explosions occurred in the Ganzhou section of the West-East gas pipeline; the China-European train on the Lanzhou-Xinjiang line overturned; the West-East power transmission project was damaged; a large number of tourists were trapped in the scenic spots, and some villages became 'isolated islands'!

In the comprehensive exercise stage, the emergency traffic security equipment developed by China Harzone - large span mechanized bridge, emergency modular bridge and emergency mechanized bridge play crucial roles in the damaged highway bridge repair, and their mobility, quickness, efficiency and other advantages have been fully reflected. The field exercise was a complete success, and the new-generation of emergency bridge was praised by the leaders, experts and customers. In addition, China Harzone’s emergency hard pavement also appeared in the static display area, receiving wide attention.

As the largest earthquake relief practical exercise in the highland alpine region, CCTV news channel carried out live broadcast, and news websites such as People's Daily, CCTV, and and new media platforms such as People's Daily client, CCTV news client, Economic Daily client, and China News Network client carried out simultaneous live broadcast. China Harzone’s products made high-frequency appearances in media communications, attracting more attention both inside and outside the industry.

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