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China Harzone Rushed to Luding for Emergency Rescue

At 12:00 on September 5, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake broke out in Luding County, Ganzi, Sichuan Province. On the afternoon of September 8, relying on the emergency pontoon bridges manufactured by China Harzone, China Aneng Group Second Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. opened a water rescue channel on the Dadu River, a “lifeline”, through which large supplies and equipment were transported and stranded people were transferred.

On September 9, China Harzone dispatched several employees, including Li Qi, Lu Jianqiang, Yang Fan, Zhou Qubo and Xiang Mingdong, to participate in earthquake relief in Luding and Shimian, Sichuan. After hard work all day and night, they repaired a bridge as fast as possible. Then, they set up a pontoon bridge at the fastest speed to transport excavators and other engineering vehicles.

On September 11, receiving the emergency support task, Yang Fan, Zhou Qubo and Xiang Mingdong rushed to Shimian, Sichuan for road paving, which was extremely difficult due to the serious damage of the road. Relying on their professional skills and rich experience, Zhou Qubo and Xiang Mingdong overcame one after another difficulty, including falling stones and quicksand, and successfully paved 100 meters of hard pavement bridge at the designated location, which was highly recognized by the local highway bureau leaders.

It was until the evening of September 15 that all rescues ended and the earthquake relief command decided to terminate the earthquake level 1 response and move to the transitional resettlement and recovery & reconstruction phase.

This earthquake relief has tested both the products of China Harzone and the rescue personnel. The emergency rescue personnel of China Harzone have lived up to the expectations, shouldered their social responsibility and won the unanimous recognition and praise from the society.

China Harzone Rushed to Luding for Emergency Rescue

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