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China Harzone Won the Bid for Emergency Mechanized Bridge 

On November 18, China Harzone won the bid for emergency mechanized bridge from National Regional Highway Traffic Emergency Equipment (Zhejiang) Reserve Center. Afterwards, the relevant contract was signed in Hangzhou.


The subject matter of the contract is China Harzone’s famous product—large-span emergency mechanized bridge, which can be used to quickly set up emergency rescue channels of various lengths in the event of earthquake, mudslide, and flood.


In recent years, China Harzone has cooperated with transportation departments in Zhejiang for several times and signed contracts in connection with dynamically positioned pontoon bridge, emergency mechanized bridge, assembled highway steel bridge, etc. The bid winning this time will further promote cooperation between China Harzone and transportation departments in Zhejiang and consolidate the leading position of China Harzone in the emergency transportation equipment market.

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