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China Harzone Participated in  Innovation Achievement Exhibition


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From October 21 to 27, the National “Thirteenth Five-Year” Science & Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition was held at the Beijing Exhibition Center. President Xi Jinping attended the Exhibition, emphasizing “during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, our country’s scientific and technological undertakings have accelerated development, innovation capabilities have been greatly improved, and a number of major scientific and technological achievements have been made in the fields of basic and cutting edge sciences, strategic high technology and the science and technology for people’s livelihood”.

Themed “Drive Development through Innovation Towards a Powerful Country in Science and Technology”, the Exhibition exhibits over 1,300 real objects and more than 200 models to demonstrate the major achievements made in implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and building an innovative country.

The super-span emergency mechanized bridge developed by China Harzone during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan made a brilliant appearance, demonstrating our achievements in scientific and technological innovation.


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