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China Harzone Held 1st Half of 2021 Economic Operation Analysis Meeting


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On July 23, China Harzone held an economic operation analysis meeting for the first half of 2021. The executives, head of various departments and managers related to economic operation attended the meeting. The main task of the meeting was to summarize the economic operation in the first half of 2021, analyze the production and operation risks in the second half, and arrange key tasks in the second half.

At the meeting, relevant departments reported their respective economic operation in the first half, existing problems and the main arrangements for the next step. Chairman Tang Yong pointed out the gaps in market operation, technological innovation, cost control and special management in the first half, and analyzed the reasons.

Tang put forwards the following requirements: “firstly, strive for orders from government and in engineering markets; secondly, carry out pre-research and scientific research based on market demand; thirdly, further refine cost control; fourthly, carry out management work in an orderly manner”.

Finally, deputy general manager Liu Shuliang emphasized, “all departments must implement the requirements of Chairman Tang according to the requirements of the group company, and lay solid foundation for the realization of various targets for the whole year”.

China Harzone Held 1st Half of 2021 Economic Operation Analysis Meeting

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