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Zhou Qingfeng, Deputy General Manager of China Annen Group, Inspected Chibi Emergency Industrial Park


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On the morning of April 14, Zhou Qingfeng, deputy general manager of China Annen Group, inspected Chibi Emergency Industrial Park. Liu Shuliang, deputy general manager of China Harzone accompanied Zhou throughout the inspection.


Zhou visited the emergency equipment assembly line, the intelligent manufacturing system and the pontoon production line, and watched the demonstrated erection of emergency mechanized bridge, dynamically positioned pontoon bridge, hard pavement, etc. Liu introduced to the delegation the varieties, characteristics and performance of China Harzone’s products and their roles in the rescue of natural disasters such as Wenchuan Earthquake and Zhouqu Debris Flow, and answered the questions raised by the delegation.


Zhou expressed his appreciation of the superior performance of China Harzone’s emergency equipment and affirmed the outstanding role China Harzone in emergency rescue. “China Harzone and China Annen Group have established a deep friendship in the long-term cooperation, and have a broad space for cooperation in the development of the emergency industry”, said Zhou. Afterwards, the two parties made friendly exchanges and in-depth discussions on the performance requirements of the cooperation project, hoping to achieve win-win cooperation and common development. 

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