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China Harzone Rushed to Poyang County, Jiangxi Province to Fight against the Floods


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Affected by the continuous rainstorm, the water level of Changjiang River in Poyang County, Jiangxi Province continued to rise, and the embankments were in danger. Since July 8, several embankments burst, and the situation of flood control and disaster relief was grim. On July 11, China Harzone organized rescue personnel to take along pontoon bridges and rush to the disaster area to participate in flood-fighting and emergency rescues, and the rescue personnel arrived at the Poyang flood rescue scene in the early morning of the following day.

At the scene, tip lorries full of earth and stone shuttled back and forth, and excavators and bulldozers roared day and night. In order to speed up the progress of blocking, a water transport corridor was opened up on site, the large-scale excavators and bulldozers were transported to the downstream dike head with the pontoon bridge, and the support equipment was transported to the other side of the river for blocking the breach. On the evening of July 13, the breach in the Wenguidao embankment in Poyang County was successfully closed.

During this emergency rescue and disaster relief, the Company illustrated its mission of ' taking emergency safeguard as its own task and contributing to human safety ', and demonstrated the favorable image of “China Harzone, Great Rescuer”.

闻“汛”而动 风雨同行--中船应急驰援江西鄱阳抗洪抢险

闻“汛”而动 风雨同行--中船应急驰援江西鄱阳抗洪抢险

闻“汛”而动 风雨同行--中船应急驰援江西鄱阳抗洪抢险

闻“汛”而动 风雨同行--中船应急驰援江西鄱阳抗洪抢险

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