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The Company's Rescue Tools Supported Jiangxi Flood Control Emergency Drill


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From April 25 to 29, at the scene of flood control emergency drill in Nanchang City and Gao'an City, Jiangxi Province, our company took part in the drill with the flood-fighting and emergency rescue equipment, emergency hard motorized pavement, emergency drainage siphon equipment and portable front-end command platform.

In the flood-fighting and emergency rescue, the conventional emergency rescue vehicles could not pass through the road sections with low muddy carrying capacity in a timely manner, which delayed the rescue work. Our company's emergency hard motorized pavement can quickly set up a 100-meter emergency rescue channel to ensure the passage of vehicles, which has become the highlight of emergency drills.

The newly developed emergency drainage siphon equipment was officially unveiled for the first time. It is mainly used for the pumping and drainage of small and medium-sized reservoirs in advance during the flood season, so as to lower the water level and avoid the risk of dam break caused by flood overtopping. The most important feature of the equipment is that it can work without power, and can operate continuously for 24 hours in an unattended manner.

In addition, the company also demonstrated the portable front-end command platform, which has functions such as real-time transmission, consultation and decision making, and can provide support for front-line rescue personnel to make decisions on site.

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