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Harzone Produces in Full Swing in Q2


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In April, the production tasks of each division are especially heavy. To guarantee completion of production tasks in time and according to quality requirements, all divisions are producing in full swing. 

The Emergency Bridge Division actively responds to the call of “Organize Elaborately, Make Efforts and Produce in Full Swing in April” and is producing in full swing. All the first line employees are doing their best to meet the requirements of contracts.

In the workshop 106 of the Emergency Bridge Division, the workers are working in full swing. To guarantee smooth completion of production tasks, all employees are overcoming all difficulties and work overtime. The divisions hold meetings every day, conduct 5S examination every week and announce the daily output trusses, panels, beams and columns in time. 

Meanwhile, each division regards safety in production as the priority and promotes production on the basis of safety. Through orderly contests, the employees are fully motivated to open a new chapter for the annual target in 2004. 

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