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Harzone Appraised and Selected “Excellent Proposals”


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In order to improve the quality of employees’ proposals and inspire the employees to participate in management, the trade union of Harzone appraised and selected “excellent proposals” among the proposals for the 21st employees’ congress. 

At the beginning of April, the trade union preliminarily reviewed all proposals based on the opinions of each functional department and selected 54 proposals as candidates of “excellent proposals. The proposal of “amending outsourcing workflow and enhancing cost control” set forth by Li Kaipeng from the Emergency Bridge Division won the first prize. The second prize winners are Li Kaiqiong, Pan Yihua, Yi Lianghua (co-proposers: Wang Guilin and Tian Chunming); the third prize winners are Ming Jun, Zhou Xuefeng, Shu Chang, Li Zujun, Chen Liangwen, Li Xiaoling (co-proposer: Ye Zhiwen), Zhao Weidong and Yu Hao. 

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