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Model Worker Innovation Studio Established


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Since Harzone issued the document on establishing model worker innovation studio, the Laying-off Plant carefully studied the document and established a model worker innovation studio mainly consisting of model worker Li Huibi and his team members. Based on its practical situations as well as quality control points of the divisions, the studio made a plan to crack two difficulties, i.e. quality control of pipeline installation and general assembly of exhaust muffler of the third generation of heavy vessel. 

The third generation of heavy vessels is a major product of Harzone and is delivered to the customers one batch after another. However, the fault rate of the general assembly of exhaust muffler is high. Sometimes, the exhaust is not smooth and the muffling effect is poor. It is urgent to improve its manufacturing process. 

There are always rooms for the improvement of quality and appearance of products. As long as the model workers take the initiatives and youthful workers grow from time to time, we believe that the manufacturing ability of Harzone will be improved a lot in the near future.

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