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Peculiar Bridge Division Implemented New Performance Check Method


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In order to improve work efficiency and deal with the relationship between work quality, efficiency, duties and salaries, the Peculiar Bridge Division popularized the performance check method of “Double Announcement and Double Assessment” among managers, mainly leaders, assistants and directors of secondary units based on the statistics and analysis of duties and work standards.

“Double Announcement and Double Assessment” is a kind of performance management method targeting duties and aiming to the improvement of work efficiency and quality. “Double Announcement” means that each employee announces the quantities completed every week and every month and relevant departments or offices announce examination and assessment results every week and every month; “Double Assessment” means that on one hand, the leaders of a department assess the work of each employee of the department, and on the other hand, each division assesses each employee based on the assessment results of relevant departments and offices, executive work plan and the work of the general manager office. 

With the implementation of “Double Announcement and Double Assessment”, the middle and top management personnel of various divisions increase the sense of liability. As a result, the business and management activities are boosted and desirable achievements are realized.

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