Technical Matches Held in Harzone 


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(Correspondents Yin Fangrong Zhang Cai)In order to improve the skills of employees, build favorable atmosphere of pursuing excellence, and guarantee the quality of products, one after another division of Harzone carried out technical matches among youthful technicians. 

The match of the Vehicle Refit Division is peculiar, divided into theoretical examination and practice. In order to test both the skills of youthful technicians and the instructing ability of masters, the best three youthful technicians and masters are awarded. 

The theoretical examination has a unique style. The masters and youthful technicians answer the same exam paper in turn with much enthusiasm. The competent leaders of the Vehicle Refit Division attach great importance to the exam and supervise the exam very seriously. 

The technical match of the Peculiar Bridge Division is combined with the activities of “Quality Publicity Month”. The match contents are welding processes of 79 product anchoring engine room. 21 electric welders from pontoon bridge branch and peculiar bridge branch were enrolled in the match. At 8:30 in the morning, the match began. All contestants seriously made preparations, adjusted the parameters of current and voltage of electric welding machine, polished the welding lines and broke the welding lines. After everything was ready, all contestants did their best to display their maximum levels. Six contestants were awarded by inspectors after inspection and assessment of welding defect, welding seam, welding angles and welding period. 

The matches of other divisions have their own specialties, all aiming to mobilize the enthusiasm of “Learning Skills and Practicing Techniques” of employees. By this match, all divisions will carry out a serious of technical innovation activities such as practice & training, technical match and rationalized proposal to open an upsurge of “Practice & Training, Technique Enhancement, and Quality Improvement” and make contributions to the rapid and sound development of Harzone.

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