495m Cambodian Pontoon Being Manufactured


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As of the beginning of the first quarter of 2014, all production lines of Harzone have being put into use and the quantity of products under manufacturing reaches a new high. Emergency large-span fast bridges, Myanmar-Laos Friendship Bridge, Guangxi pontoon, Cambodian Pontoon, 500t single arm hydraulic press, passenger crossover of Longyang Avenue of Ring Line 2, the third generation of heavy vessel, improved heavy-duty mechanical bridge, up and down anchor plates of wind farm, S09 gantry crane, etc. are all required to be ready for delivery in the first quarter. 

With more complicated structure, the 495m Cambodian pontoon costs a great deal of workload. To guarantee timely delivery, after thorough investigation and review, the Division arranges specialized employees for general assembling and outfitting. 

To guarantee timely delivery, the Division holds a meeting every afternoon to coordinate work flow of each department timely and arrange the work contents for the next day rationally. 

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