Each Employee Is Responsible for Quality of Harzone Products


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Scanning all times and all over the world, we can find that all time-honoured brands with over one hundred years of history are based on stable, reliable quality, which is the results of common efforts of all employees. To become one of time-honoured brands, each employee of Harzone must be consistently attaching importance to quality and making consistent efforts.

World well-known Mercedes Benz Company has always been adopting the quality principle of “keeping improving” for over 100 years. “Keeping Improving” is penetrated to the whole process of production and business, from conception of product, to technological design, to research & manufacturing of sample vehicle, to batch production, and to after-sales services. To guarantee quality, no unqualified part is permitted to be used; and no disqualified finished product is permitted to leave plant. A quality control and supervision network has been formed within the Company. Each plant, workshop and group establish quality guarantee organ and dispatch special personnel to inspect quality. Furthermore, most of the workers engage in quality control and inspection. An engine must pass 42 inspections.

Today, the leaders of Harzone have cast their eyes on the world and are gradually implementing the strategy of “Going Out”. Learning the experiences from successful enterprises, the leaders of Harzone have made up their mind to manufacture world top quality products and called on each employee and collaborating plant to attach importance to quality. In this way, we could expect that the quality of Harzone products would be trusted by customers all over the world and Harzone would advance towards the world smoothly. 

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