Company Held Mobilization Meeting on Peru Steel Bridges


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On Feb. 22, 2014, the Mobilization Meeting on Peru Steel Bridges was held at the conference room, floor 5, Emergency Bridge Division and presided over by the general manager of the International Trade Department Li Kaiqiong. Deputy general managers Tian Mingshan and Ge Jian attended the meeting. Supervisors and technicians of Peru steel bridge and the leaders and technicians from Emergency Bridge Division, Peculiar Bridge Division, Materials & Trade Company and outsourcing plants, totaling 36, also attended the meeting. 

Above all, the vice director of the International Trade Department Luo Wei introduced survey of Peru, conditions on project development and market development plan. Deputy general manager of our Company Ge Jian and general manager of the International Trade Department Li Kaiqiong pointed out that the successful development of the 140 Peru steel bridges was of great significance and the quality and time limit of the steel bridges were very importance and would affect the outlook of our Company in Peru. The general manager of the Emergency Bridge Division reported production plan and quality objectives in detail and promised to complete tasks according to plan and quality objectives. Then, the supervisors of Peru steel bridges set forth specific requirements。

Finally, deputy general manager Tian Mingshan made a concluding speech, clarifying the person in overall charge, technical plan and persons respectively in charge of quality of materials and zincification, specifying requirements for progress, resources and quality, and calling on all managers and employees to build confidence and make efforts to complete the production tasks and guarantee timely delivery.

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