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Research and Design Institute of Company Actively Promoted Experimental Research on Pavement Layer


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In order to meet customer’s demand of anti-sliding pavement layer for Peru CB200 steel bridge deck plate, research and design institute of Company actively promoted experimental research on pavement layer.

Due to immature development of relevant domestic technologies, there's no precedent for practical engineering application of steel bridge deck polymer anti-sliding layer pavement technology in China. Design of steel bridge deck polymer anti-sliding pavement layer has become a technical problem of entire project; therefore the Company and leadership of research and design institute have attached great importance to the establishment of technical research project team. Project team worked actively, organized people to conduct research of enterprises and research institutes with excellent performance in large-span steel bridge deck pavement and special pavement in China on the basis of relevant pre-researches, and actively promoted the verification test.

After nearly a month of efforts, the project team had an in-depth understanding of material types and main technical characteristics of the pavement layer, grasped the construction technology, and designed test program together with relevant units.

Emergency Bridge Division of Company has given strong support to this project and timely provided steel bridge deck plate used in the test. Currently, in four investigated units, except one unit adopting British imported technology without a need of verification test, the other three units have started full size pavement layer test or indoor simulation test, and load test of one unit will be completed recently.

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