Peculiar Bridge Division Achieved Periodical Results in Safety Management


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In 2013, the Peculiar Bridge Division actively implemented the requirements of Company in connection with safety production, environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reducing, organized strict assessment, enhanced the basic work of safety management and promoted the deepening of “safety up to standard”. 

In 2013, the Peculiar Bridge Division strictly controlled various safety indexes and achieved periodical results in safety work. Throughout the year, each department minimizes the consumption of water, electricity and oil and the thrift consciousness of each employee has been enhanced. The Division concludes safety production liability statement with the director of each branch, which then concludes safety production liability statement with head of each team or group to guarantee safety production. The Division held a work meeting and weekend contract execution meeting each week to assess and arrange safety management work. The directors of each plant and safety personnel at various levels looked up hidden troubles every day, carried out “anti-violations” activities, publicized safety production guidelines and targets through special safety meeting, propaganda column and window, and promoted the deepening of “safety up to standard”. 

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