Company Held Research Project Review Meeting


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Jan. 2, 2014, Company held the 2013 research project review meeting. Chairman & general manager Yu Hao and Secretary of the party committee Cai Xinxiang were present. The meeting was presided over by deputy general manager and chief engineer Yu Yaping. At the meeting, a expert team, the head of which is Chairman & general manager Yu Hao, reviewed 25 research projects completed by the Research and Design Institute in 2013 from the perspectives of innovation, market, research depth, etc. Finally, 2 projects were awarded special prize, 4 the first prize, 8 the second prize, and 11 the third prize.

At the meeting, Chairman & general manager Yu Hao set forth specific requirements for research. He said, “firstly, we should further promote research for it is related to the long-term development of Company; secondly, we should only put good projects under research plan so as to improve the quality of topics; thirdly, we should standardize review standards; fourthly, the rewards for research results should be improved so as to increase the enthusiasm and creativity of technical personnel. 

Company Held Research Project Review Meeting

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