HZ Pontoon Bridges Played Great Roles in Ludian Earthquake Rescue


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August 3, 2014, a 6.5 magnitude of earthquake with focal depth of 12km broke out in Ludian County, Yunnan Province. Consequently, the landslide happened to a massif in the upper reach of Hongshiyan hydraulic power station being constructed and as a result, a barrier lake was formed due to the blockage of Niulan River. The lives and properties of thousands of people in the upper reach were being seriously threatened. 

The rescue headquarters made a decision to excavate sluice channel; however, heavy-duty excavators were needed to remove the debris after blasting. Under the then-current situation, neither helicopter nor assault boat could be used to transport excavators to the site. At the razor edge, HZ ribbon pontoon bridges played an important role. The rescue officers and soldiers assembled the ribbon pontoon bridges into raft of pontoons and delivered excavators to the site. On August 12, the sluice channel was completed and the risks were relieved completely. 

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