Harzone’s WeChat Public Platform Launched


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In order to better promote the company's brand, to create a more influential corporate image, and to enable us to know the development of the company in time, the company from now on officially opened 'Harzone” micro channel public platform. 

In the future, important information and related activities of the company will be also published by the 'Harzone' WeChat public platform in addition to the company's website and the newspaper. Welcome the attention and active contribution of the staff for suggestions of company WeChat public operations to build the company's brand and unique dissemination position. 

Way of Paying Attention

1、Search number

2、Scan QR code 

Click the 'scanning' - make the frame aim at the WeChat two-dimensional code pattern, obtaining two-dimensional code pattern information, and then click 'attention' to add 'Harzone' WeChat public account platform. 

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