Harzone Holds 2015 Work Conference


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Adapt to New Normal and Promote Development with Innovation

On Jan. 8, the 2015 work conference was held at the meeting room in Floor 5 of the Sales Company. Managers at the assistant level or above took part in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by secretary of the Party committee Cai Xinxiang. At the meeting, deputy general manager Tian Mingshan reported the situations of completion of the production and operation target in 2014 as well as the production and operation target in 2015; deputy general manager Liu Changqi reported the situations of economic operation in 2014 as well as the financial budget in 2015; chairman & general manager Yu Hao made the report titled Adapt to New Normal, Promote Development with Innovation and Strive for Realizing the Target of Harzone during the “Twelfth Five-year” in an all-round way. Then, the attendants were divided into groups to discuss. Secretary of the Party committee Cai Xinxiang arranged the Party building work in 2015 and made a concluding remark.

It is resolved at the meeting that under the complicated, severe situations at home and abroad, Harzone has completed its annual target in 2014 in an all-round way. Harzone is ranked the fourth within CSIC in technical innovation and has won the title of “Advanced Unit of Technological Innovation” for eight consecutive years; various assessment indexes continue to reach the first-tier standard of CSIC; and both the comprehensive strength and risk-resisting capacity have increased. All in all, Harzone maintains good momentum of development. 

At the meeting, Harzone analyzed the current situations and required all employees to recognize new normal scientifically and dialectically and adapt to new normal initiatively. Firstly, all employees should conform to the new trends of economic development in our country as well as the transformation and updating of the equipment manufacturing industry, adhere to the strategy of “Developing Steadily, Strengthening and Optimizing” and make efforts to increase benefits. Secondly, all employees should seize the opportunity of transformation and updating of the equipment manufacturing industry to further optimize market structure, product structure and organization structure. Thirdly, all employees should turn the pressure into motive power to innovate technologies and products, build the brand “Harzone” and improve the core competitive power. 

In light of the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” and the practical situations at present, Harzone formulated the guideline of “Adapt to New Normal, Make Transformation to Adjust Structure, Improve Quality to Build Brand, and Make Innovation to Promote Development” as well as the 2015 targets, and arranged major works in nine aspects. The attendants were divided into four groups to discuss warmly and set forth a number of pertinent opinions and suggestions. 

Secretary Cai arranged the Party building work in 2015 and set forth specific requirements to implement the spirit of the meeting. He pointed out that employees’ meeting and other meetings should be fully used to organize study of this report and each department should formulate their respective annual work plans in 2015. 

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