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When founding Mi, Lei Jun asked himself how Mi could become a great company in the world. To find answers, he studied several enterprises with the history of over 100 years in China, including “Tongrentang”, which has existed for 340 years. The mysteries of long life of Tongrentang lie in the two words of its founder. One is “we will not do shoddy work although the process is complicated; and we will not use inferior materials although the price is expensive.” That is to say, don’t scamp work or stint material when manufacturing products; and don’t be lazy when doing things. The other is “don’t forsake good for the sake of gold, although you’re under no monitoring”. That is to say, God knows what you’re doing. Enlightened by these ideas, Lei Jun uses the most expensive raw materials, suppliers and assemblers to make phones. It is just in this way that Lei Jun manufactures best phones and sells well. 

The idea of elite products requires us to change our conceptions and behaviors. The heavy-duty support bridge is one of best innovative products of Harzone and many of its technical indexes are in the leading level in the world. However, we should make efforts to let the customers accept this product, feel its practicality and endurance and enjoy premium services. Firstly, we should solicit the opinions and demand of customers from time to time and improve the performances of the product from time to time so as to meet the demand of customers to the largest extent. Secondly, we should build the consciousness of elite products and artwork. Each process shall be subject to high standard, including but without limitation to laying-off, welding, machining and debugging. 

Chairman Yu emphasizes that reliable quality is the core competitive power of an enterprise. We cannot be satisfied with “about and about”. We must always remember that our goal is to become a leading enterprise in emergency industry, so we must improve the quality of products from time to time. Now we’re facing the reform of the purchase system of the army and we’ll face more and more competitors. Only if all of our employees improve the quality consciousness, can Harzone always win in the fiercely competitive market. 

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