Expanded Marketing Strategy Achieves Results


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At present, the capacity of shipyard is superfluous seriously and the demand for special equipment for shipbuilding remains low. To cope with such challenge, all employees from Civil Products Department III actively shift the lines of thought to sell special equipment for shipbuilding through various channels. 

The traditional way of sales is to promote special equipment for shipbuilding to shipyard directly. Before the financial crisis broke out in 2008, such way took great effect. The price was high; the orders were placed one after another; and Harzone earned a lot. However, after the financial crisis broke out, the competition over special equipment for shipbuilding is especially fierce. The price war breaks out and the profit margin is very low. 

Under such adverse environment, the employees of Civil Products Department III take active measures to expand the agency channels and use the customer resources and channel advantages of the agencies to sell special equipment for shipbuilding. Recently, Harzone has concluded a contract in connection with 200T single arm hydraulic press with a Shanghai agency. The price is desirable, meeting the requirement of maximizing the profits of Harzone. 

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