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Harzone Held the 10th Strategic Seminar


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On Sept. 29, the 10th strategic seminar of Harzone was held in Wuhan headquarters. The main tasks of the meeting are to analyze the current situations, form the uniform cognition, make clear the lines of thought and lay ideological and theoretical foundation for the formulation of the “thirteenth five-year” development plan of Harzone. The seminar was presided over by secretary of the party committee Cai Xinxiang.

At the seminar, the chairman & general manager Yu Hao made a report named “New Normality; New Requirements; New Deployment”. Chairman Yu analyzed the international, domestic and industrial situations surrounding Harzone, answered three realistic questions, i.e. “Why does Harzone exist”, “What will Harzone become” and “How shall Harzone exist”, and set forth the shift from “Enlarging and Strengthening”to“Developing Steadily, Strengthening and Optimizing, Being Finer and Professional”.

Then, the attendants made discussions and speeches. They believed that the analysis on the situations was scientific and accurate and it was really necessary to adjust the medium and long-term development objective. They also brought forward valuable suggestions and ideas. All together, a consensus on the new strategic deployment was reached at the seminar. 

Secretary of the party committee Cai Xinxiang pointed out: “This is the tenth strategic seminar of Harzone in ten years. The topic each year is different. Each topic signals the continuous growth and process of Harzone. Facing new normality, new tasks and new requirements, we must tightly follow the steps of era and make unremitting efforts to build the most influential brand in emergency equipment industry in China and strengthen and optimize Harzone.”

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