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Corporate Culture Assessment Team of CSIC Inspected Work at Harzone


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On Sept. 18, seven members of Corporate Culture Building Mutual-Inspection and Mutual-Assessment Team 3 of CSIC arrived at Harzone for inspecting and assessing corporate culture building of Harzone on site. The secretary of the party committee of Wuhan Shipbuilding Industry Corporation acted as head of the team; the deputy head is the secretary of the party committee of 403 Plant Liu Shuzhen; and the members are from brotherhood units in Yichang and Luoyang. 

The Assessment Team investigated relevant places of Harzone in Wuhan and watched the new-edition promotion video of Harzone. Furthermore, Secretary of the party committee Cai Xinxiang made a special report on implementation of “Four Unifications” and brand building. The Assessment Team respectively interviewed representatives of middle-level management and employees and consulted relevant data.

The Assessment Team concludes that “Harzone attaches great importance to the building of corporate culture, enhances organization, improves cognition and standardizes ideas, behaviors and visual identification systems in implementing “Four Unifications” of group culture, prints samples, propaganda materials, office supplies, nameplates and logos in compliance with “Four Unifications”, and combines the general character of group culture and the individual character of corporate culture of Harzone. 

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