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Harzone Participated in Theoretical Seminar of CSEM


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Recently, the Inaugural Meeting of China Society of Emergency Management (CSEM) was solemnly held in Chinese Academy of Governance. Assistant general manager of Harzone & general manager of Sales Company Liu Shuliang and project manager Gao Feng participated in the meeting. At the meeting, the articles of association of China Society of Emergency Management were adopted by voting and the first council of the society was elected. At the first meeting of the council, the executive members and leaders of the council were elected, which included the chairman of Harzone Yu Hao. 

The competent department of China Society of Emergency Management is Chinese Academy of Governance and the registration organ is Ministry of Civil Affairs. As a national association, CSEM will be dedicated to promoting the construction of emergency management subjects, enhancing theoretical research of emergency management, advancing the communication and cooperation between emergency management departments and research institutions, strengthening foreign communication and cooperation in emergency management, and organizing scientific research, consultation, training and popularization of emergency management. CSEM will strictly follow the articles of association, adhere to the correct political and academic trend, be guided by the core work of the Party and government, unite experts, scholars and researchers in emergency management, strive to become an emergency management think tank which is managed in a standardized way, operated orderly, is top ranking at domestic and famous all over the world. 

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