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The First Floating Bridge in Cambodia Open to Traffic


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“On July 17, the first floating bridge in Cambodia, which was constructed by SINOHYDRO BUREAU 8 CO., LTD, was open to traffic, which ends the history of ferrying materials and equipment for HYDRO POWER LOWER SESAN 2.” This news was successively reported by local major newspaper and media. 

Viewing from the riverbank, you will see that a steel dragon goes across SESAN. Seven anchoring boxes in the middle and higher reach split the rip current and the breakers brush the logo of Harzone from time to time. Since the beginning of May this year, the Special Equipment Division, as the major contractor, has always resided on the banks of SESAN. It is very hot and dank there, parallel to Wuhan, one of the “Four Burner Cities” in Wuhan. Furthermore, the time limit is tight, the construction environment is complicated and there are not enough employees. However, the Special Equipment Division overcame one after another difficulty to complete the project in 22 days. Meanwhile, safety and quality were guaranteed.  

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