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Interactive Meeting of New Products Held in Marketing and Technology Departments


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Recently, “Interactive Meeting of New Products in Marketing and Technology System” was held at meeting room 401, office building. There are more than 40 attendants, including the leaders of the Design Institute, directors of relevant offices and all employees from Sales Company and International Trade Department. The meeting was presided over by Deputy General Manager Ge Jian.

Deputy General Manager Ge Jian overviewed the history of research & development of new products in the past twenty years. The designers and researchers introduced ten new products and 30 preliminary research results one after another. From the perspective of market, the salespersons set forth a number of ideas and suggestions on existing new products as well as research and development of new products in the future. 

Under the external environment in which the market competition is fierce and the purchase systems have met with substantial changes, it is especially urgent to develop new products and new markets. The interactive meeting between departments is direct and effective. Some new products were even heard by some employees for the first time, which reflects the collective wisdom of the research & development department and are valuable resources of market development. 

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