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Preliminary Achievements Made in Civil Products Due to Brand Strategy


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Since the brand vision of “Go the specialized pathway to create the most influential brand in the emergency equipment industry” was established, the salespersons of Harzone has always been implementing the brand marketing strategy in military products, civil products and domestic trade market. Consequently, the popularity of Harzone has been improved, especially in the market of civil products.

In 2014, along with the construction of one after another railway projects, China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group increasingly demands Bailey trusses and structures. Therefore, the Sales Company adjusts the lines of thought in time to integrate the brand strategy of Harzone into the national policies and the internal management mode of China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group. As a result, Harzone has been awarded contracts in connection with Bailey trusses and structures for all projects from January to August of China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group. The accumulated sales volume is RMB120,000,000.00, increasing by 15 times year on year. Furthermore, all contract prices have been settled in time. 

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