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Preparation Meeting of the 4th Meeting of the 4th Session of CNDTA Held in Harzone


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Recently, accompanied by the leaders of Harzone, the leaders of China National Defense Traffic Association (CNDTA) investigated Harzone as well as Wuhan Harbor and Wuhan Railway Commanding & Dispatching Center. After the investigation was over, the leaders of CNDTA called together the principals of Hubei Provincial Traffic Combat Readiness Office, the military representative office of Changjiang Shipping Administration, the military representative office of Wuhan Railway Bureau, etc. to hold the preparation meeting of the fourth meeting of the fourth session of CNDTA at the meeting room on the fifth floor. 

The member units of CNDTA include National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transport, various military areas, various arms of services, traffic combat readiness offices of various provinces and large state-owned highway, railway, waterway, airway and telecommunication companies. 

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