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Products of Harzone Played Great Roles in Ludian Earthquake Rescue


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After Ludian earthquake took place, a red rock barrier lake was formed, the capacity of which is 0.26 billion m3, three times of that of the Ming Tombs Reservoir.

The rescue headquarters decided to excavate sluice channel, however large excavators are needed to clean the debris after blasting. Under the then-current situation, neither helicopter nor assault boat can be used to deliver excavator. At the razor edge, the ribbon floating bridge manufactured by Harzone played important role. The rescue officers and soldiers on site assembled the ribbon bridges into a trough bridge and delivered the excavator to the operating site. In the afternoon, August 12, a sluice channel with 8m deep and 5m wide was completed. 

Moreover, various emergency steel bridges manufactured by Harzone also played important roles in getting through the life channel for the people in the disaster area, which was reported in Xinwen Lianbo, Topics in Focus and Wuhan Evening.  

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