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Harzone Passes Cross Examination of Production Safety


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On August 6, an examination team consisting of seven members from Hubei Province National Defense Science & Technology Industry Office Hubei Jiangshan Industry Group examined the production safety of Harzone. After hearing the report of Harzone on production safety, the examination team conducted thorough examination by on-site examination and referring to data. 

The examination team agrees that Harzone attaches great importance to production safety, publicizes and implements regulations, standards and spirits in connection with production safety, clarifies the annual objective, carries out the work on standardization of production safety, organizes production safety supervision and examination, training and emergency drillings and guarantees the normal operation of the safety management system. 

With respect to the issues raised by the examination team, the secretary of the party committee Cai Xinxiang requires each unit to draw inferences about other cases from one instance and formulate strict rectification and improvement measures. 

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