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Harzone Made Great Achievements in Internationalized Operation


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This year, Harzone leaps forward in foreign trade, increasing over 4 times year on year. Moreover, obvious results have been made in recovery of loan, increasing over 6 times year on year. All in all, new market is being developed stably. 

With respect to the development of international market, Harzone maintains stronger competitive power in military products. With respect to the market of civil products, Harzone has signed contracts in Darfur, Sudan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Nepal, Bengal and Australia. Moreover, Harzone independently expanded international market to improve the quality of contracts. While promoting its main products, Harzone seizes opportunities to cultivate new economic growth points. The professional and regional distribution in foreign trade is more even and the Asian, African and Latin American markets are under balanced development. 

In order to further expand the overseas market and increase performances, the Company adheres to the business strategy of “Large Market, Large Owner and Large Project” to guarantee the healthy development of international trade.

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