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Delegation from the Ministry of Transport of Peru Arrived at Harzone for Investigation and Training


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From July 29 to 31, a delegation from the Ministry of Transport of Peru arrived at Harzone for investigation and training, mainly studying design and analysis of modularized steel bridge structure as well as welding and zinking technology. During the period of training, the members of the delegation raised a number of questions and discussed with us in detail. 

After the theoretical training was completed, the Company organized the delegation to visit the production lines and the demonstration of 51-m bridge building in the headquarters, then to reach Chibi manufacturing base to visit the demonstration of assembling and running of 30-m Bailey bridge, and then to investigate the temporary trestle bridge to Lushui Bridge II. 

The investigation and training of the Peru delegation is of great importance for Harzone to further expand the south American market. 

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