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Harzone Participated in Wuhan Innovative Product Exhibition


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On June 13, “Wuhan Famous and Excellent Innovative Product Exhibition”, which was sponsored by Wuhan People’s Government was held in Taiyuan Coal Trade Center. 

The products exhibited present the level and feature of the manufacturing industry in Wuhan as well as the development level of emerging industries and hi-tech industries. The famous, excellent, innovative and new products in demand by the clients in Taiyuan cover passenger car, machinery & electronics, energy & environmental protection and biological medicine, covering nearly 400 kinds of products. 

Both Wuhan and Taiyuan are capitals of province in Central China and businessmen and travelers have frequently got about since the ancient times. With the express railway linking the two cities, the travelers can come and go within a single day. In recent years, with the implementation of the strategy of Central China’s Rising, there are more and more opportunities for the two cities to cooperate. To hold the exhibition in Taiyuan is to connect the suppliers and purchasers in the two cities and boost economic growth.  

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