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Harzone Carries out Technical Innovation Energetically


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Harzone fully awoke the enthusiasm of the first-line technicians and energetically carried out technical innovation activities to solve such bottlenecks as quality, safety and premise in production.

In order to solve practical problems in construction, each division solicits opinions and suggestions from the first-line workers, makes technological innovations on product design, technological flow and installation, makes monthly summarization and organizes quarterly internal examination. In addition, each division sets up technological innovation funds which greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of technicians and first-line employees in innovation. In the first half of this year, the divisions have achieved several innovations, such as Installation Optimization of Lodging Mechanism of 79 Informitization Rebuilding Chamber, Technological Improvement of Degreasing Phosphorization Fluid and Technological Improvement of General Assembly of Assembly Jig of Emergency Special Bridge.

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