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Civil Products First Put Under a Plan on National Standard 


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Recently, the Dynamical Pontoon Bridge standard declared by Company has been put under a plan of the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China as well as under the plan of the second batches of national standard formulation and revision plan (G. B. W. Z. H. [2012] No. 92). This is the first time that the civil products of Company are put under a plan on national standard. 

In order to establish a standard system for emergency transportation equipment, Company has always energetically been making efforts in putting the standards of civil products under an authorized plan. For this purpose, Company has carefully studied the channels and procedures in connection with declaration for national standards and participated in the formulation of national and industrial standards. During this process, the popularity of Company in the industry is increased. As civil products are first put under a plan on national standard, it will become easier for emergency transportation equipment to be put under a plan on national standards in the future.  

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