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Successful Delivery of Xi'an Bahe Bridge


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Xi'an Bahe Bridge was undertaken by the Special Bridge Division in 2011. Installation and coating of topcoat were carried out at the scene. The Branch has carefully organized and planned the personnel arrangement, on-site construction conditions, construction equipment and construction safety, and has selected competent and hardworking, young and flexible personnel in consideration of safety to participate in the coating construction.

The entire coating work of Xi'an Bahe Bridge mainly includes four arches. Arch span is 75 meters long and over 20 meters high. There are 12 main connectors on each arch section, in addition, buttress brace and diagonal brace have 18 connectors. The whole process of construction includes burnishing connectors → spraying zinc-aluminum → spraying seal coat → intermediate paint → partial surface puttying → entire surface burnishing → spraying topcoat and other main processes.

No matter how busy they are, they never forget the quality. During construction process of Xi'an Bahe steel bridge, regardless of the difficulty of construction and the tight cycle, construction workers have strictly controlled on-site quality in accordance with the process requirements. The project has already met quality requirements, construction specifications, and requirements. In order to ensure construction safety, construction workers were conscientious and meticulous, and there was no safety incident when they worked high above the ground for 3 months.

At late stage of construction, workers gave full play to the spirit of Special Bridge Division, namely special ability to endure hardship and to fight. They have never complained. They always clinged to the idea 'united we play, united we win'. They have made concerted efforts to overcome difficulties. On September 29, 2012, they have successfully completed and delivered the task, which took them nearly 100 days.

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