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Company Provided Emergency Support Equipment for Foundation of Key Project of MOR


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Gongan Yangtze River Bridge from Jingzhou to Yueyang of Mengxi-Huazhong Coal Transportation Railway and Yueyang Dongting Lake Bridge construction mobilization meeting was held in Yueyang City, Hunan Province on October 16. Mengxi-Huazhong Coal Transportation Railway attracts wide attentions from the society and it is the key demonstration project of the Ministry of Railways. In order to ensure that the construction site of groundbreaking ceremony of this project is unobstructed, the company has organized relevant personnel to travel for four hundred kilometers overnight to deliver emergency support equipment-HZ emergency fast soft pavement, which not only demonstrates the emergency performance of the company's products, but also shows CHIC people's mental outlook of daring to fight a hard battle and being good at fighting a hard battle.

     At 4pm on October 15, sales company received instructions of the leadership of the company and was asked to urgently bring five soft pavements to a railway construction site in Yueyang to solve vehicle traffic problem from causeway to rostrum sections. In order to ensure that the activity in the next day would be held successfully, the workers carried forward ignoring conditions and continuous fighting work style of CHIC worker. They worked overnight until 5am the next day, bearing tiredness and cold wind at Dongting Lake side in late autumn. At 10am in the morning, the activity started on time, they felt very gratified to see the VIP cars passing through sediment soft road section successfully.

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