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Li Changyin, General Manager of Group Company Inspects CHIC


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In the morning of June 3, accompanied by He Jiwu, General Manager, and Yin Guoqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan Shipping Industry Corporation, Li Changyin, General Manager of Group Company comes to our company to check and guide the work.

Mr. Li first comes to comfortable housing project construction site and listens to the report on construction progress of comfortable housing.

Accompanied by Yu Hao, General Manager, and Cai Xinxiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of our company, Mr. Li investigated the scientific research production on site of our company to learn about our production and management and development of scientific research products. At meeting room 401, they listen to the work report of Yu Hao, which has fully affirmed the new achievements obtained in transformational development in recent years.

Mr. Li points out in his speech CHIC has changed dramatically in recent years, although the company is not large, it has done relatively well in subdivided industries. He summarizes our company as sustainable development, headquarters in the city, leader in the industry and promising. He expects that we grasp the general trend, focus on innovation and structural adjustment, deepen the development strategy and business model, pay attention to mechanism, and mobilize the enthusiasm to achieve sustainable development.

Sun Jianke, chief engineer of the Group Company, and persons in charge of relevant departments have accompanied the investigation. (Li Wuzhou)

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